Phorce - Charge your devices

Charge all your devices. Anywhere.

Phorce charges most mobile devices: laptops & MacBooks, tablets, smartphones, cameras, headphones, and thousands of others. With a battery capacity of more than 90Whr you'll never run out of power again. 

Communicate with your bag.

Phorce connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth. With the Phorce app (iOS & Android) you can see exactly how much power is left and what you can do with it, and even receive useful notifications.

Loss prevention

Whether you forget your bag when rushing out the door in the morning, leaving a restaurant or coffee shop, getting off a plane, or out of a taxi- Phorce will send a notification to your phone, so you can quickly turn around and rescue it from the evil clutches of your arch nemesis.

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Phorce - The bag that charges your devices

Transform. 3 bags in 1.

Phorce can transform from a messenger bag into a backpack or briefcase in a matter of seconds, so you can carry it how you want to.

Need to bring a lot of stuff? With its 360-degree expansion zipper you can quickly create over 240 cubic inches of extra storage space.

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Travel superstar.

Phorce slides over the telescopic handles of your trolley bag so you can comfortably walk around the airport. Phorce also has a direct-access laptop pocket to quickly remove and insert your MacBook or laptop, making security checks less of a hassle. Here’s to easier, more fun travels.

Comfortable and compact. 

Phorce is light enough to comfortably carry around all day, especially since you'll no longer have to bring your laptop/tablet/phone power bricks. Its compact form factor makes it easy to move through crowds and tight spaces.

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Phorce - The comfortable and compact bag

Advanced materials.

Phorce has a water-resistant outer shell, waterproof zippers, and impact-resistant padding to keep your gear safe. The device pockets are made from an ultra smooth fabric that cleans touchscreen displays.


Thanks to its unique cable management system and dedicated pockets for all your devices Phorce keeps your gear organized. The spacious main compartment and front pocket are perfect for bringing along all your other things.

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Phorce - The world's first smart bag
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